How Do I Start Investing?

This week a friend asked me an unusual question: “How do I start investing?” To be clear, this is an unusual question for him and not for me. I have been asked that a lot, but never by this friend. And even more surprisingly, the market isn’t exactly ‘white hot’ right now. Most of the […]

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A Video About The Stock Market Crash

I found this on YouTube and thought I’d share it. It relates to the stock market crash and is super interesting - footage that takes us back in time. There are some parallels here for sure!

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Can Endless Economic Growth Continue?

The last few months have seen incredible shifts in power. These shifts have related to finance (now governments own parts or all of most big banks), to energy (as the price of oil has dropped significantly) and to individuals (as jobs are vanishing) - amongst others. There can be no doubt that as governments have […]

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Welcome To The StockExchangeSecrets Blog

Welcome to the blog. The aim of this blog is to comment on the ways and moves of the stock market and to look at the underlying financial, economic and political realities. We also will be hosting interviews that will look atsome of the unusual roles of people in markets. Our times involved in […]

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