When Will The Next UK Recession Arrive?

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That is a leading question, I know. But with the announcement of a general election being called by Gordon Brown for 6th May, the prospect of real financial change is looming.
Both major parties seem to have been pre-campaigning on spending cuts, fiscal restraint and responsibility. But only one of the parties is in power [...]

Have UK Property Prices Been Rising?

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It seems that the subject uppermost in the minds of Brits is back in the news. No, not the weather. The other one. Yes, property prices.
Bearing in mind the awful state of the UK economy currently, can it be much of a surprise that property prices have fallen again?
I would like to contend (and as [...]

Public Sector Employment: What Goes Up…

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The UK, under the stewardship of New Labour has seen a massive increase in public sector employment. I can recall watching BBC documentaries in recent years where the scale of this expansion has been explained. It isn’t small.
It seems that the biggest beneficiary has been Scotland. I’m not going to go along with the conspiracy [...]

The Financial Cost Of Flooding

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In my last post about water policy in the EU, I mentioned the potential for prohibitive costs to protect people and property from flooding.
CNN has today published a story about the likelyhood of seal-level flooding costing US$28 trillion by 2050.
This story is based on research for the insurance company Allianz - one place where the [...]

The Real Cost Of The Bailout?

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The BBC website has a 7 slide show relating to the costs of the bailout worldwide. If you are either:
a) interested in finance
b) wondering what the real cost of the bailouts are
c) from the UK
be sure to spend 30 seconds of your day taking a look. See the slides here.
For months, the British public [...]

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Is The UK Economy Heading For Bankruptcy?

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Asking whether bankruptcy is on the cards for a sovereign nation may seem a little extreme, but the economic portents are not good for the UK.
Without getting too political, the British public has listened to Gordon Brown explain time and again how amazing he is with the economy. If you are from the UK, you [...]

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Gordon Brown Visits The European Parliament

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Ok, so the fact that virtually every blog in the UK is now posting the following videos does not make them any less important.
Without trying to get overtly political, there are obvious connections between stock markets, national economies, currency valuations and the policies of the government of the day.
For years, Gordon Brown has [...]

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The UK Economy: An Accountant’s View

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Speaking to an accountant is always interesting. Firstly, you are hoping that they can save you some tax money - any savings are more than interesting!! Secondly, they have real insight into the workings of businesses in a way that a stock market or finance column (or blog!) does not.
My own accountant is owner of [...]

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