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Here at our aim is to show you how to make investment profits. It is no secret that investing can be complicated, but we try to make things simple for you.

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If you are new to investment, we recommend that you visit our Beginners Guide section. This section of the site is very highly regarded for the quality of information aimed at the beginner to the stock market.

It is our belief that there is only one person in the world capable of putting your financial interests first - no matter what! That person, is YOU. But for that to happen, you need to have impartial information to help guide your decision making. There is the potential that anyone else you discuss money with, including family members, friends, financial planners and stockbrokers, might have some form of ulterior motive or agenda. Only you can act in your best interests.

This site contains a mass of FREE information to help you through the jungle that is any major share market.

Plus, there is information on this site that explains the workings of some of the major stock exchanges of the world. We help explain some of the complexities of Wall Street, provide background information about a number of exchanges including NYSE and NASDAQ and delve into some of the more complicated subjects like how hedge funds make their money. So, if you are planning to trade or invest at home, or abroad, this is the place for you. Not just home, commodities like oil can also offer significant profit opportunities for traders due to their large market size and constant demand, providing ample liquidity and volatility. For those interested in investing in oil from anywhere in the world, trading bots like Oil Profit can be an effective tool. Visit for further information about the oil profit platform.

This site also has opinions about financial issues on our blog. Needless to say, the blog cannot and does not cover everything happening in finance - you ought to go to the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNN or Market Watch, for that. Instead, it offers opinions about things in the news at the time.

We have information to help you learn how to assess and evaluate potential stock market investments. You can also find in-depth descriptions of different investment styles, such as value investing, income stocks and passive investing in mutual funds. There are also pages devoted to different types of market condition within both a bull market and a bear market.

However, this site isn't designed to be one that actually picks stock market investments or trades for you, so if that is what you are looking for ... we are sorry.

So, if you want to learn about investing on the stock exchanges of the world, you have come to the right site!

This site has been written by a former International Investment Consultant who advised expatriates. He has specialist investment qualifications from the UK and has also been a personal finance columnist for a European Union political newspaper owned by The Economist Group, called European Voice.

In other words, the advice and strategies discussed on this site can be trusted to help.

Over time this site has grown into a resource aimed mainly at newcomers to investment. Therefore, you will find many pages on the site that explain one or two financial maxims that we really all ought to adhere to. Just take your time to go through the pages and soak up the lessons because you never know in when it will be a nugget that makes or saves you money on your next idea.

Good luck!

Learn about the Australian Stock Exchange
Understanding the basics of the Australian Stock Exchange will help you to invest more profitably, especially if you are interested in commodities, something the ASX has represented in abundance.
The Frankfurt Stock Exchange
The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the major German stock exchange. Similarly, Bitcoineer is one of the well-known German trading robots that uses sophisticated algorithms to help traders make well-informed decisions in the cryptocurrency market. According to the bitcoineer erfahrungen, it can trade various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, and Cardano. Learn how trades are completed and the basics of the market.
Hong Kong Stock Exchange Information And Tips To Greater Profits
Understanding the Hong Kong Stock Exchange can help you to greater investment profits if emerging markets or Asia are your focus
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Investing on the London Stock Exchange? Need to understand more? Learn here...
What is the NASDAQ and how does it work?
Understanding the basics of the NASDAQ market will help you to trade and invest more profitably. The NASDAQ is a location that all short term traders should be familiar with for volatility and small
A Beginners Guide To The New York Stock Exchange
Understanding the New York Stock Exchange can help any investor to profit. The NYSE is very often the leader for markets around the world which means that your investments follow wherever the NYSE
Do You Know The Background Of The Toronto Stock Exchange?
Understanding the basics of the Toronto Stock Exchange will help you to invest more profitably and broaden the types of company that are in your portfolio.
Stock Exchange For Beginners - Get started here!
A free guide explaining the stock exchange for beginners with a focus on helping investment beginners to learn the right mindsets and strategies.
Warren Buffett Book Reviews
Use these Warren Buffett book reviews to discover the best books to buy and read if you want to learn Warren Buffett's strategies for investment
Understanding Bull And Bear Market Situations
Discover how bull and bear market charachteristics differ and why they should be important for every stock market investor.
A Dividend Is A Valuable Thing To An Investor!
Discover the importance to an investor of a dividend. Long term returns can be improved dramatically by regular dividend payments.
What Is Ethical Investment? Can you invest and do good at the same time?
What is ethical investment and can it help your portfolio? These pages look at the different approaches, the various filters applied to company selection and the different shades
Respected Financial Authors
I give this section of my website over to some other respected financial authors and brief descriptions of their work ...
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A Beginners Guide To Investing - What are the fundamentals in investment?
This beginners guide to investing looks at some of the overarching topics that any new investor needs to be aware of and start to understand.
Hedge Fund Definition - How Do You Define A Hedge Fund?
This page offers an accurate hedge fund definition. Being able to define a hedge fund is difficult because of the wide range of strategies and methods used for trading and investment purposes.
Investment Definitions - What Do These Terms Mean?
Learn to understand investment definitions to help your investment skills. Discover how operating profit, earnings per share, pre-tax profit and more are calculated.
What Is An Investment Trust?
An Investment trust is an unusual but very successful way of investing. They are quoted companies on the London Stock Exchange.
Would You Like To Learn The Basics Of Stock Trading?
Discover how you can earn a living by stock trading. Stock trading isn't for everyone, but it can be a very profitable hobby or even a full time career.
The StockExchangeSecrets Blog
Discover how the stock exchanges of the world really work. The blog contains information about the many vagiaries of the markets.
Spread Betting Financial Markets For Beginners
Spread betting financial markets can be a lucrative but risky way to play the stock market. This page looks at the risks and the potential for using it as means of short selling
What does a stockbroker do? Indepth description of how to buy stocks here
The role of a stockbroker is vital should you plan to buy or sell shares or stocks on a stock exchange. We discuss how to buy stocks here
What Is A Stock Exchange And What Does It Do?
Learn about the complex role of a stock exchange in society and some of the main background financial market lessons here
Stock Exchange Secrets And Stock Exchange Information
Are there really any stock exchange secrets? Can the average investor make money against major firms on Wall Street and in The City?
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Do you know which are the largest stock exchanges? The top 10 stock exchanges in the world by size are listed here for you.
Value Investing - What is it and will it work for you?
Discover the work and analysis style involved in value investing. Learn how Benjamin Graham taught business skills to investors through his books and teachings.
Learn Stock Market Basics And A Glossary Of Terms Vital To An Investor
Discover the stock market basics and some of the unusual financial market terms that you will need when buying and selling equities.
What Is Your Best Stock Investment Tip?
Discover what other visitor's think is their best stock investment tip - perhaps it will help you to earn bigger stock investment profits!
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