Warren Buffett Book Reviews

The following pages of Warren Buffett book reviews contain details of publications that contain some of the most important business and investment advice ever set onto paper.

Who else would you take advice from about investment?

Warren Buffett is quite simply the master of this game and his strategies are or should be of massive importance to anyone who wants to understand investment.

It is my personal opinion that whilst he is clearly the most successful investor who has ever lived, he is actually a business philosopher. By reading some of his thoughts or essays, it quickly becomes clear that Warren Buffett is a very deep thinker.

Unlike others, his deep thoughts have been focused on business, management and investment. When carried out over many decades, these thoughts are like a library of knowledge.

Ok - I am waxing a little too lyrical. Can you tell that I am a fan?

And if you plan to be a profitable investor, you should become a fan too!

As ever, working through the publications discussed in these Warren Buffett book reviews will take time and effort. These are more like a job or retraining with a new education than relaxing evening reading. But hey - working is where the money is!

Best advice? Buy the books and slowly work through them. Take the time you need to understand their concepts and you will become a much better investor.

Buy a high-end scientific calculator - you'll find you need it to fully understand the math he does in his head! - and start to read around the topic of value investment. It could be the most profitable thing you ever do.

Good luck!

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Warren Buffett Speaks by Janet Lowe

Buffett The Making Of An American Capitalist by Roger Lowenstein

The Warren Buffett Way by Robert Hagstrom.

Buffettology by Mary Buffett and David Clark

The Essays of Warren Buffett : Lessons for Investors and Managers by Lawrence Cunningham

The Tao Of Warren Buffett by Mary Buffett and David Clark