The Tao Of Warren Buffett by Mary Buffett and David Clark

The Tao of Warren Buffett is one of those business books that builds on a reputation of a author and subject for extra easy sales. Having read it, it is easy to imagine that it was quick and simple to write and a low effort project.

But, don't let that description put you off. I have long thought of Warren Buffett to be something of an investment sage and business philosopher. And it is with an eye on the life and business lessons he can offer that this book was written.

As someone that has read numerous books and articles about Buffett, it seemed unlikely that this might offer anything new. But to my surprise, it did.

The reason is the additional scope. Most or all books and articles about Warren Buffett concentrate on his investing ability. Fair enough. But as with all well read and intelligent individuals, his opinions on a range of other subjects offer food for serious thought.

This book is broken down into 125 quotes which are then explained further. A few of those quotes relate to not-business-but-business topics, such as careers. As ever, he has some interesting things to say.

Each of these short quotes is then given further explanation by the authors to add some more depth and meaning to the idea.

The book is squarely targeted at stock market beginners but can easily be used to provide a quick and simple way of finding things to think about before making an investment.

One of the real benefits of his experience is that it has been gathered over decades in one core pursuit. As such, his ability to really see through the fog and offer wisdom and guidance is very valuable.

This book will probably not help experienced investors too much, but for the newcomer, or the newcomer to Warren Buffett, there is something valuable to found here.

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