The United Kingdom: A Land Of Confusion

Posted by admin on Oct 24, 2009 in borrowing, depression, public borrowing, recession
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Is it any surprise that the UK economy is lurching from problem to problem when there seems to be such little agreement from the controlling politicians and money managers as to what is actually happening?
The last few days have been a great example of just how mixed up things really are - and how little [...]

How Correlated Are Stock Markets?

Posted by admin on Oct 24, 2009 in stock market
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A recent trip on the Eurostar had me in possession of a copy of The Spectator. It isn’t a magazing that I tend to read more than once per year - it is a little too Central London centric for my tastes…
In it, was an article by Matthew Lynn titled, “We’re all Shanghai gamblers now”. [...]

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