Too Big To Fail Is A Thing Of The Past!

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Your author was able to attend the 8th Annual European Financial Services Conference in Brussels earlier this week. There were certainly some interesting panelists and contributors, including European Commissioner Michel Barnier.
There were many different perspectives discussed, but as you may imagine, financial services regulations were high on the list.
In the main, these regulations [...]

Where Will The Next Global Financial Centre Be?

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An odd question, I know. Isn’t the global financial centre New York? Why ask if it is changing?
My thoughts are becoming more and more based on the economic realities of life. The regions with the strongest economies have strong financial centres. People go to these places to access capital to help their company grow.
But isn’t [...]

Do European Governments Care About Innovation?

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Your author has just returned from a trip to Lisbon, Portugal, to attend the Eureka Innovation Days event. I was invited as part of a media partnership with my employer. We were there to interview a range of participants which would then be used as the basis for both blog posts and more ‘traditional’ online [...]

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Will Barroso Get The Honour?

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News travelling around the office of this author is that a business trip is in order. After the successes of being involved in interviewing Paul Krugman and at the European Business Summit, it looks as though I will be dispatched to Lisbon in June for an event.
In truth, I am still rather unclear about the [...]

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Notes From Felipe Gonzalez’s Lecture In Brussels

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One of the problems with blogging is the speed at which communications can now be transmitted. I know that this is meant to be the major strength of blogging - but if you happen to busy, it simply makes you look slow!
This time last week I was fortunate enough to attend a one hour lecture [...]

How Risky Is The United Kingdom For Investors?

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One of the maxims of investment is that, “Capital is scared”.
It seems that capital is currently scared of being in the United Kingdom. The following story from The Independent
suggests that money is leaving the UK at an incredible rate. If you watch currency markets, this is not a surprise.
This could all simply be related to [...]

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Why Did Lloyds TSB Buy HBOS?


The rather unusual news from the UK is that the British government has grabbed control of Lloyds TSB PLC as a part of guaranteeing loans worth £260 billion.
According to a statement from Lloyds TSB, “About 83% of the insured assets were acquired when the bank bought HBOS.” The details, as reported by Bloomberg, can be [...]

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Too Much Borrowed Money - Puerto Rico Is ‘Bust’

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It had to happen. Iceland couldn’t be the only government to ‘go under’ during this financial crisis.
This is one of the problems with a global recession, it is very hard to guess what is actually at risk. It could be everything, or it could be nothing.
Either way, the impact of too much borrowed money is [...]

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The American Banking Sector Is On Life Support

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The CNN story here
shows just what a mess the banking sector is in. The sad thing is that the list of 250 banks ‘in trouble’ is only in the USA. When I clicked on the link, I was rather hoping that it was a global list. Perhaps it was less hope and more blind optimism. [...]

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Hyperinflation In The UK? – Here We Come!!

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For those readers with a background in either finance or economics, the basic causes of inflation will be no surprise. For those of you that do not have a macro-economic background – the sensible ones! – here we go…
Inflation is generally caused by pressures that are either internal or external to the country concerned. External [...]

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