How Risky Is The United Kingdom For Investors?

Posted by admin on Mar 8, 2009 in economy, gordon brown, shareholder rights
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One of the maxims of investment is that, “Capital is scared”.
It seems that capital is currently scared of being in the United Kingdom. The following story from The Independent
suggests that money is leaving the UK at an incredible rate. If you watch currency markets, this is not a surprise.
This could all simply be related to [...]

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Why Did Lloyds TSB Buy HBOS?


The rather unusual news from the UK is that the British government has grabbed control of Lloyds TSB PLC as a part of guaranteeing loans worth £260 billion.
According to a statement from Lloyds TSB, “About 83% of the insured assets were acquired when the bank bought HBOS.” The details, as reported by Bloomberg, can be [...]

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A Bad Day For UK Shareholders


Today was a fairly bad day to be a shareholder in the United Kingdom. The idea of property rights - something that is vital in a modern democracy - seems to have been damaged somewhat.
Property rights are a central tenet of a modern economy. Without legal rights of ownership with a solid enforcement system, the [...]

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