European Elections Weekend 2009

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This weekend is quite an event in terms of democracy. The European Parliament elections provide an opportunity for approaching 500 million people to vote. That is quite something.
With the financial crisis and recession overshadowing these elections, it seems quite reasonable that parties to the right of the political sphere will suffer. However, in many countries [...]

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“The Era Of Banking Secrecy Is Over”

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The Era Of Banking Secrecy Is Over. Those words were a part of the G20 communique from London this week. Those words are actually pretty scary.
While it is very reasonable to say that offshore jurisdictions have played their part in the financial crisis - by enabling traders, companies and funds to move money away from [...]

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Stuart At The European Business Summit

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Yours truly attended the European Business Summit (EBS) last week in Brussels. The themes of the 2 day business gathering revolved around the heightened need for environmental care in business and government.
The EBS event gets some very high-profile politicians and business folk. This year they included the top-man at the European Commission, Barroso, and President [...]

The UK Economy: An Accountant’s View

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Speaking to an accountant is always interesting. Firstly, you are hoping that they can save you some tax money - any savings are more than interesting!! Secondly, they have real insight into the workings of businesses in a way that a stock market or finance column (or blog!) does not.
My own accountant is owner of [...]

A Video About The Stock Market Crash

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I found this on YouTube and thought I’d share it. It relates to the stock market crash and is super interesting - footage that takes us back in time. There are some parallels here for sure!

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Enron, Gordon Brown And Borrowing

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A recent reading of the December Esquire magazine grabbed my attention. The main investigative article – by Stephen Armstrong - in the edition looked at the role of the “NatWest 3” and Enron as it may – or may not – relate to the current market volatility. The article starts with the idea that the [...]

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Welcome To The StockExchangeSecrets Blog

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Welcome to the blog.
The aim of this blog is to comment on the ways and moves of the stock market and to look at the underlying financial, economic and political realities.
We also will be hosting interviews that will look atsome of the unusual roles of people in markets. Our times involved in the world [...]

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