Will You Help Me Prevent Climate Change?

Regular readers of this blog may recall that at the end of 2009 your author was lucky enough to attend the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen (COP15) for a number of days.

While there, it was my job to interview a number of experts and politicians about the politics, policy and realities of climate change. I cannot lie, it was a fascinating experience.

While I have been a believer for a number of years that we (humanity) need to change our ways, some of the things I discovered there really altered my thinking and understanding of the topic.

The main change for me happened at this side event held by the Committee of the Regions (an EU institution) where I was tasked with conducting a number of interviews after the event ( two of them can be found here and here ).

It was obvious as it was being explained to the room, but had not really crossed my mind before that point, that whatever the heads of government agree (or not!) it all has to be put in place at a local level. Local government, small businesses and private individuals are where the real changes will need to be made. Put bluntly, the future survival of humanity depends upon it.

As I say, it is pretty obvious, but I hadn’t thought about it for even a single second. Even though I was busy trying to do ‘my part’!I know, how stupid am I???

But as the conference continued, it became clear that this is not the focus at all. For now, everyone is still thinking about what government leaders will agree. In the meantime, small island states in the Indian and Pacific Oceans are facing a real and immediate threat to their existence as sea levels rise.

What Can We Do About This?

Several months later, it is clear that many people still seem to doubt if climate change is even real (the scientists all seem to agree though) and remain impervious to change. But really all we can do is try and change one person, business and house at a time. To do that, there needs to be much more education about how and why.

So I have decided to commission an online book about energy efficiency in the home and what householders can do to lower their carbon footprints.

As you may know, I run several websites and currently they generate over 600 unique visitors each day. I plan to simply give the ebook away for free from these websites (they are not all in the right online ‘niches’ but I am presuming that most or all of the people that visit my sites live somewhere…).

Since I am not an energy efficiency expert, I am having to pay for such a person to do the actual writing for me.

What Can You Do To Help?

I am hoping that visitors to my blog(s) and website(s) will be willing to chip in and help me foot the bill for this project. In web-speak, this is called crowd funding and uses the collective power of dispersed individuals online to raise money for projects.

This means that small donations of just a few dollars by a large enough group of people can assist to get a project off the ground. Think of it a little like an ‘angel donation’.

My hope is to raise upwards of US$2,000. The cost of writing the ebook will be close to that value (but in euros). It seems like quite a lot, but I don’t think this is something I can just outsource to an article writer in the Philippines as it needs some pretty specialised knowledge in places.

Any extra raised above this amount, will go towards putting a small website together - and promoting it - that can be used for extra distribution. So if you feel able, please give a little and the more I am able to collect, the more I will be able to promote, more people will be able to read it and, hopefully, less CO2 will be in the atmosphere in years to come!!

Please Click Here To Contribute To This Project.

The Small Print: The site above does not charge a fee for this, but the payment processor does charge a small fee per transaction. Be sure that I have found the lowest cost method of achieving this that I could…

Payments will be sent to a UK Limited company. That is my company and by sending it there, money that goes in can go out as a business expense and I (hopefully) won’t need to pay (much) tax on the money.


  • David Roberts says:

    I perceive you to be one of two things: a Knave or a Nutter.

    Global Warming is THE Great Hoax of this generation.

    The goal is NOT to Save the Planet (as if you cared!) but to spread Worldwide Socialism

  • David Roberts says:

    Oh, almost forgot:

    Ref: “The Scientists all Agree”

    You also appear to be a Liar Petition

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