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Should You Use Virtual Stock Trading To Help You Learn?

For many people, both investors and traders, using virtual stock trading is a way to learn or practice new methods.

It is folly for any of us to believe that we can master a skill without some form of practice or experience. The problem with trading is that doing it for real can be VERY expensive if it goes wrong.

In it's way, this is a similar subject to, say, learning to play poker. Until a few years ago when poker software and gambling sites started to enable 'free play', the only way to really learn was to sit down at a table and try. If you sat at the wrong table - as would happen sooner or later - it would be an expensive lesson.

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However, unlike card games, it has always been possible to practice investing or trading simply with a pen and paper and a little understanding. These days, virtual stock trading can be computerised on any one of a number of different computer software programs.

Needless to say, this is likely to prove to be much cheaper than making bad trades.

For a beginner, the absolute best way to start is with some practice trades using a virtual stock trading program. This will enable an individual to learn about the way a trade operates, whether the system they plan to use is likely to work, how they deal with the pressure and mental challenges of trading, how to use appropriate software and ultimately, whether they may be profitable when they do this for real.

Clearly, these are vital things for any new trader to learn. Being able to do this accurately for the cost of some software is almost certainly great value.

The question, however, is this...

If you are new to trading in the stock market, how will you learn and hone your skills? Will you do it the sensible way or will you jump right in and get trading for real?

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