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Do You Need To Make Your Money Work Harder?

If you are anything like the rest of us, life is becoming harder financially. In days and years gone by, it was easy to put money in the bank or into a stock fund and simply forget about it. As time passed, it would have increased and life was good.

But the world is changing rapidly. Globalisation is increasing demand for everyday goods around the world. This is pushing up the price of nearly everything. Inflation seems to be rising and wages are not keeping up. The purchasing power of money in a bank account seems to be falling - fast.

If that wasn't enough, financial companies seem to be handing the risks in our investments over to us. If you have heard the words 'self-invested' when applied to your pension planning, you will know that things are changing.

On the one hand, being able to choose how to invest for your retirement sounds liberating! But on the other, it brings massive responsibility. If it goes wrong - and it might - only one person is responsible. That person is YOU!

This is a massive change in responsibility for the future of you and your family.

What can be done about it?

The obvious place to start is in building up an increased financial knowledge. Whether you choose to take full responsibility or not, you clearly have some work to do.

Finding your way to a website like this with lots of free information was a good start. Well done! But there must be more. Simply gathering knowledge will not make anyone wealthy.

That knowledge needs to be put to profitable use.

It is important to try and define your strategy. Some people are suited to long-term investment and others to trading. Some have time to spend thinking, analysing and researching whilst others do not. Some people are very aggressive with their money and want big profits, whilst others are more cautious.

However you view yourself, there is a trading approach for you. Whether you need to increase the value of your capital or add an extra income stream to help the family finances, you need to take more control of your money.

Many years ago, investment newsletter writer and guru, Harry Schultz, suggested this: "Trading is for orphans and widows, investment is for gamblers." He thinks we should all be flexible in our approach to money. Markets rise and fall - why bet on them going in only one direction?

Skilled traders can make money when a market rises, falls or moves sideways!

However, most traders don't!

Whilst in theory traders can make money in any market conditions, the reality is that most are broke within a year. The ones that learn and survive can make vast amounts of money. It is an all or nothing business.

But economic problems mean that even experienced traders need help. The issues in credit and banking markets, market volatility and global political turbulence make it difficult - if not impossible - for one person to work successfully alone. We all need some help!

The next few minutes will expose you to highly sensitive information...

Most if not all successful traders subscribe to some form of market advisory service. You might know it better as a financial newsletter. Of course in the internet world, it isn't how we might think of a newsletter!

These services have a different perspective that can help any investor to see through the fog of market movements. They also suggest trades - some daily and others weekly - to help produce the profits that pay for the service and more.

Here at StockExchangeSecrets.com we have found a service that has proven to be very profitable. In fact, it's subscribers like it so much that 95% of them are still members 3 years after they first subscribe. What a testimonial!

We are sure that if these subscribers had been broken by the market - like the majority - they would have ended their subscription. Which suggests that clients of this service have been able to hitch a ride to regular trading profits.

The service is called 'Market Club' and focuses on trading in several markets. This means that they look at stocks and indices, but also oil, metals and agricultural markets. With a focus like this, profitable trades are always just around the corner...

Each member can track his or her portfolio using their web based platform for real-time updates. There is an email to members every day which assesses new trades and keeps track of progress on current trades. This helps you to both buy and sell when the market says so. In short - it keeps you profitable!

Following reliable advice like this is a short-cut to profitable trades that others might take years to manage.

As if all this wasn't enough, Market Club also offers a free trial and a 30 day money-back guarantee. They are reasonably priced and suggest very profitable trades. So, you have nothing to lose by watching this free video. Hopefully, you will even learn something...

So I suggest that you click on the link below, watch their video’s and judge for yourself whether you could benefit from their excellent service.

Watch Free Stock Videos Here

If you are still sceptical, please take a look at these online videos. They detail the trading performance of Market Club in previous quarters following their recommendations.

What could you do with extra profits like these?

2008 Results For Q4

2008 Results For Q3

2008 Results For Q1

2007 Results For Q4

2007 Results For Q3 - Part 1

2007 Results For Q3 - Part 2

Market Club has three different systems, each one designed to suit a different type of trader. Each style uses a different set of rules and criteria to produce results. The three styles are:

> Long term investor

> Intermediate term trader

> Short term swing trader

It is worth pointing out that the Market Club professionals do not recommend day trading.

To help beginners to the trading world - and the more advanced too! - the Market Club service includes a 'Trade School' in which they make available training materials. These come in document (pdf) form and as audio files so that every member can learn the basic and more advanced skills that they need.

Some of the top traders in the world including Chuck LeBeau and Mark Cook have contributed to the Trade School.

Market Club provides a scanning system for stocks, foreign exchange, metals and futures, a trading system and a charting platform all in one! In other words, everything you need is here for you in one place.

Their system is looking for 'giant footprints' in the market. These footprints are left by very large purchases from the major players - or 'the smart money' as we all think of them.

Very often, before a major market move, these big players are accumulating significant amounts of stock. This reduces liquidity in the market and makes for stronger price movements.

Large accumulation and big positions always show up in the charts and this is how the Market Club analysts can spot the moves.

Eventually, the general public will spot market moves too and more money will flow into a market to take advantage of rising prices. Market Club aims to spot these movements before the public and take profitable positions - and they are good at it!

Please click on one or more of the links below and watch their free videos.

Watch Free Stock Videos Here

Watch the following videos to see just how profitable their service has been. What would profits like these mean to your lifestyle?

Results For 2008 Q4

Results For 2008 Q3

Results For 2008 Q1

Results For 2007 Q4

Results For 2007 Q3 - Part 1

Results For 2007 Q3 - Part 2

Financial Warning: Watching these videos and subscribing to this service may prove to be very beneficial to your net worth. Readers are reminded that profitable trading can lead to a luxurious lifestyle. ;-)