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The NASDAQ 100 Future Index

Both the E-Mini NASDAQ 100 and the NASDAQ 100 contracts are based on the same underlying index, the NASDAQ 100 index.

Both of these are cash settled to the same index value on quarterly expirations. They also both settle daily to the same futures settlement price.

The GLOBEX2 ticker symbol is NQ. The ticker symbol for AON trading is NV. AON stands for All-or-None and relates to the number of contracts being traded. The E-Mini NASDAQ 100 is an IOM product.

There are several differences between the E-Mini NASDAQ 100 contracts and the NASDAQ 100 contracts:

The E-Mini contract value is only $20 times the index.

The E-Mini tick size is .50, or $10 per tick. E-Mini futures can trade up until 8:30am (Chicago time), on expiration day.

E-Mini futures have only two quarterly contracts listed for trading.

An E-Mini futures order for 30 contracts or fewer must be traded on GLOBEX®2. During pit trading hours, orders for 31 or more contracts must be traded via open outcry on an AON basis only.

The current position limit for NASDAQ 100 futures / options is 5,000 futures equivalents net long or short. This limit encompasses all NASDAQ 100 futures, futures options, and E-Mini NASDAQ 100 futures.

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