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Would You Like To Make Money Online?

If you could make money online, what would you do?

Is that one of your goals? To quit the 'rat race', fire your boss, work from home, ditch the daily commute and live a different type of life?

If you are thinking 'YES!' with me, then we are quite possibly kindred spirits...

As you might have spotted, I am Stuart and I built the vast majority of this site.

I worked in finance as a financial advisor in the mortgage market (in the UK) and then as an Investment adviser to expatriates in the Benelux - based in Brussels, Belgium. I also write a monthly personal finance column for a weekly political EU paper called The European Voice.

Whilst my knowledge, training and professional qualifications are all biased towards personal finance and investment, I needed to change occupation. You see, most appointments for financial advisers are conducted in the home of a client - usually after working hours. That means that three or fours evenings each week and almost every Saturday morning - for almost a decade - I was working.

This takes it's toll. As much as I enjoy helping people with their financial problems and goals, I had come to the conclusion that I wanted to spend my evenings in my own living room - not other people's! Something had to change.

As you can see, the goals I suggest above applied to me completely!

- My Story Online -

As a part of my marketing as an adviser, I began to write a monthly investment newsletter which I published by email. Over time, I decided to try and publish them online in a more permanent manner.

So I found someone - the wife of a friend - that knew how to build websites. And we built a website. The problem was, that like most others, she knew how to use the tools but not how to promote a site.

In truth, I got exactly what I asked for. I just didn't know what to ask for! In the two years that this site existed for it received around 500 visitors. Not exactly amazing...

As time passed I found out that this is a very common experience. Most people build a first site and not knowing what they are doing, it is waste of time, effort and money. In fact, I read some time ago that there are over 100 million active sites online. Apparently, over 90 percent of these will never get more than 100 visitors IN TOTAL!!

Relatively speaking, my site was a success! I just was unhappy with it and wanted more.

At the time, I wanted my site to be about finance and investment. It is what I did and loved. As time has passed, I realise that I could have built a site about almost anything, but of course, finance is still where my knowledge really lies.

I began reading voraciously anything I could find about Internet Marketing and my knowledge base began to increase. This didn't help me with my failing website, but it did mean that when I began looking for a new service provider, I knew what I was looking for.

There is no point in misleading you. The internet is a very competitive place these days. It takes work - and quite a lot of it. If you don't have the patience and persistence to succeed, you won't - but that is the same in almost any walk of life.

From there to today has taken roughly four years in total. In truth, if I'd have found the online tools I use now, four years ago, I'd have saved a lot of effort. Instead, I ran about lost and confused for at least 18 months of that time. C'est la vie!

But now I have four websites. I earn a very small income from one and a larger and growing income from this site. It hasn't made me a millionaire, but I work from home now - not other people's!!! I don't want or need much - which helps - but I have never been happier in my work.

The really great thing about an online business like mine is that it is partially passive. That means that once work is done, small amounts of income can come from it again and again. Without the extra work. Extra work makes the site bigger and stronger, and in the eyes of Google, it makes all the previous work more valuable too!

This site now gets a lot more than those 100 visitors I mentioned above - EVERY DAY. It is growing and I keep working away, improving it every day. Slowly but surely I am getting there!

If you have some expert knowledge - and we all do about something - perhaps you can build your own site...?

To save you the pain and wastage that I went through, I'll point you towards the company I use to help me.

They are most success orientated organisation you can possibly imagine! It has a 'small family business' feel but very big ambitions. Every month new tools are released to enable their webmasters to soar to ever higher highs. They really are the 'real deal'. If you would like to find a path, system and tools to bring in lots of targetted traffic from the major search engines, this is THE company to choose.

If you want to be an 'infopreneur' like me, look at this: Become an Information publisher

If you would like to promote your offline business online, look at this: Promote your offline business online

How are other people doing? Find out here: A few success stories

Another tool I use... As your site or sites get bigger, there soon becomes more and more to do. I have found that some elements of online promotion can be either outsourced or automated - meaning that I can get more work done in the time I have available.

I can highly recommend Bookmark Generation as a way to automate social bookmark link building. It can be a very powerful strategy when done well!

Another tool that I use for getting the link building ball rolling whe I start a new website is Directory Generation - this starts me off and can save me hours of time! Highly recommended.

If you are able to put in a full working week at this, every week, your traffic will be immense. If on the other hand, you can spend a few hours each week adding different elements to your online marketing mix, you will see significant improvement. I have. And I know others that have too.

If you want to find that life of freedom, I urge to take a look at both of these tools.

I wish you good fortune,