The Ultimate Top 10 List of Stock Market Tips!

by Bulls and Bears

1) Never get married to a stock (it's merely a vehicle to get paid)
2) Don't make emotional decisions (rather, make logical choices)
3) Don't get greedy (that's nothing but trouble)
4) There's a reason why blue chip stocks are blue chip (it's an investment, not a gamble)
5) Diversify your portfolio and don't put all your eggs in one basket
6) The most important indicators are: psychology, P/E ratio, history, volume, trends, company management and industry (these will cover about 90%)
7) Listening to other people isn't always a good idea (they often know what you do)
8) Always leave yourself a cash buffer (inevitably you will have to buy-down)
9) Avoid borrowing money to invest (that can be very dangerous when interest kicks in)
10) Know when to cut your loses (sometimes it takes a smarter man to walk away)

These are some of the most important rules that I've learned over the years. I hope it helps!

Go Canada!

Editor's Comment: An impressive list! Thank you for your thoughts. It isn't easy to disagree with these either. It might seem silly to mention, but we presume that you have quite a few years of investing experience under your belt already. In which case, some of these tips will have been learned the 'hard way'.

Thanks again and best wishes. Go Canada!

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