From a real beginner

by Trevor

I'm 18 years old and about to begin my college career in the business field. My overall goal is to not only become a savvy marketer, but also be actively involved in the stock exchange world. Recently I've been trying to find a starting place for this massive topic, and this guide was exactly what i was looking for. You simplified the different topics of the stock market and allowed me to really get an idea of where I want to begin my research. I definitely intend on keeping up with this site and learning more. Nothing left to say except thanks for the help!

Editor's Comment: Thank you Trevor! Quite a compliment.

It is those sentiments that have driven the creation and writing of this website. The aim of is simply to help new investors to be able to understand the parts of the investing process that they need so that they may make their own decisions in the future.

Good luck to you in your career and investments.

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