Why not pay by results?

by William

The quotes above about being performance related are interesting. I think lots of people would be happy to pay by results. After all, if you do well, you pay well - it seems logical enough.

People working in finance have monthly bills to pay like the rest of us, but those doing well working in the stock market earn so much that pay by reults shouldn't be a problem for lots of them.

Of course it would be tough though in the first few months of a job or career or in market downturns.

Editor's Comment: To a certain extent we agree with your thinking William. One very real problem though, is that in our experience clients are not very willing to overpay - as they would need to - for results based compensation. Stock market and investment professionals bring knowledge and experience to the table, but for many that do not work in the knowledge world, it is not a skill that is worth money.

This argument would mean that many with limited funds could not gain access to the stock market or investment advice, which obviously goes against the current thinking as it would make investments elitist.

This is a tricky problem and not one with a simple or quick answer. Thank you for contributing though, we hope that we can at least help to educate people to the problems faced by capitalism currently.

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