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Summary: Finding a helpful and friendly online stock trading forum can be difficult task. Since information is such a valuable commodity in the investment world, it is important to have accurate, reliable and honest sources. This means that some online locations and great, while others are not. We discuss important features of a good online stock trading forum here...

Whilst there are many to choose from, the quality of some of these forums can be patchy at best. There are reasons for this, and it is worth qualifying the statement, lest offence be caused.

Since unscrupulous fraudsters have been known to 'ramp' their own holdings in forums in the past - something that was especially prevalent in the tech boom of the late 1990s - an investor should always be cautious about information and check the validity of facts.

Some of the online stock trading forums are very focused. Perhaps only on technology stocks, or more likely on the American market. There seem to be a lack of online forums focusing on the UK or Canada for example. Perhaps they are are hiding on page 72 of the Google results page...

Some of these forums are also rather 'clique-y' - if that is actually a word. The users are very regular regulars who are all in touch constantly - I imagine that they are day traders - and this makes their club difficult for an outsider to join. Dare I say, even with all my investment knowledge, that it can be intimidating for an outsider to join in.

That said, there are some friendly online stock trading forum for a beginner or 'outsider' to join. My favourites include:



Short list eh? Read into that what you will.

A couple of others that I have used and liked occassionally include TheLion and MarketMillionaires.

What I am very aware of is that running a successful forum is a very time consuming business. This limits - by its very nature - the number of successful and friendly forum that can be found.

For example, I am in occassional contact with Craig from Swing-Trade-Stocks and I know that he puts in an extraordinary amount of time to making his site and forum a friendly and welcoming place to visit. That work has paid off handsomely.

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