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We Do Not Provide Individual Financial, Stock Market Or Investment Advice To The Readers Of This Site

Instead, this site provides general stock market and investment information only. Just to reiterate, because many people seem not to believe this message - we will not provide individual tips or recommendations to people that email us.

This site was established in January 2006 by Stuart Langridge. Stuart has a background as a UK and International financial and investment adviser and holds a number of UK based personal finance qualifications.

Since running a website that is even moderately successful is quite an undertaking, Stuart now has help in a number of specialised online areas.

The site is now owned by a UK Ltd company, HC Online Limited, which is better able to represent the ownership status of these new helpers. Stuart's role is now effectively reduced to writing content and answering emails - a reduction that he was totally in favour of!

Stuart can be contacted by email at stockexchangesecrets @ (please simply remove the spaces from that email address) or by filling out the contact form below.

Stuart is based between the Malta, the Benelux countries and the United Kingdom, so please understand that any contact made will probably be answered within European office hours - most likely CET.

We - as a company - try our best to respond to all contact by the end of the following working day - but please note that travel and work commitments mean that this is not always possible.

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