In a recent post I asked, with my tongue firmly in my cheek, whether Mr Barroso, President of the European Commission would get the honour of meeting me. Well here we are on a lovely Schuman day in Brussels and it seems ever more likely that he will get that honour after all.

Of course, for a non-EU journalist such as myself, the opportunity to be involved in interviewing someone of his level is quite rare. Much less, being able to speak to such a person about a subject that I am interested in!

As mentioned previously, the event will be in June (which is getting closer) in Lisbon (still the same distance away…) ad will relate to innovation, jobs, growth and the economy. In other words, the Lisbon Treaty.

I’m no expert on the Lisbon Treaty - I have been shown a copy and it didn’t look especially fun to read - but I at least know something about small businesses, growth and investment. I hope.

Of course, in the midst of an economic crisis and global recession, it is no real surprise that the goals of the Lisbon Treaty aren’t being met with ease. Will this change?

I’ll be sure to ask.


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