How Can I Learn Stock Market Skills?

by Senthil Murugan Roberts

Dear Sir,

This is my first time to read this article because I want to get into stock exchange investment and trading. Now I have a much clearer basis of understanding about what stock market investing is. Still, I am not able to get into the field because there is no basic experience or skill to buy shares. How should I proceed? What is the first basic thing for that? Hope there are articles for these also. But I will go through that also. VERY GOOD SITE FOR THE BEGINNERS. I REALLY THANK THEM WHO DID A MARVELLOUS AND TREMONDOUS JOB.

Many thanks.

Editor's Comment: Thank you for your very kind comments Senthil.

This site has been designed to help beginners to the world of the stock market and after a lot of work, we hope that it does just that.

With regards to your question, there is much to learn. The section of this site, about stockbrokers, will give you some ideas about how to buy shares. However, understanding what to buy is a much more complex question - one that can take years of study!

Our recommendation would be to start by learning a little about value investing. This approach may not be for you, but as you learn more, you will come to understand how companies are valued, about earnings, business models and the workings of the stock market more generally. This can only help you to become a better investor.

Value investing also has the honour of being the school that many of the most successful long-term investors use. The most famous of these is Warren Buffett who uses a personalised (and very successful) version of the theory. There are certainly worse ways to start than by understanding what works for the best!

Good luck with your investment journey!

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