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Stock Market For Dummies

Where is the book, "Stock Market for Dummies"?

Amazingly, there currently is no such publication. We say amazingly because there are many people that search the internet every day looking for just this. They must be very disappointed.

Instead, the hugely successful 'for Dummies' series has niched down even further when branching out into the world of investment.

A quick search of Amazon shows that there is currently:

> Stock Investing For Dummies

> Futures And Options For Dummies

> Trading For Dummies

There are also two special UK only for Dummies publications. They are:

> Investing For Dummies (UK edition)

> Investing In Shares For Dummies (UK edition)

Read Our Finance And Investment Blog Here

There also appears to be plans for a further publication, Swing Trading for Dummies, which will be released in late 2008.

Your author's bookshelf has a copy of Stock Investing for Dummies on it. I can happily confirm that it is well written, informative and - as with all the others in the series - offers a good quality overview of the topic without becoming confusing or overly complex. In other words, it is a great starting point and highy recommended.

But if you have been searching online looking for the book "Stock Market for Dummies", have no fear, it seems that they are covering the topic! Whatever you may be hoping to find, we hope that you can find it amongst the 'for Dummies' series.

However, if you are hoping to learn more about stock trading and investing - and making money at it - some of the following resources may be of interest to you:

Learn Technical Analysis And Become A Stock Trader!

Get The Free StockExchangeSecrets Newsletter And E-Books

This Mechanical Stock Trading System Churns Out Profits!

Learn About This Profitable Trading Platform And Advice Service

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