Free Investment Software

As I am sure you have realised by now, I do all that I can to ensure that YOU have the best chance possible of managing your money easily and effectively yourself.

As a part of this commitment, I have found some free products online that you can use to help you.

The first, is this free software download. It is designed to help you trade in the market. Bearing in mind the price, I certainly think it is worth a look at least. If you don't like it, there is no obligation to buy further products!

This second offering is a web based portfolio tracking and monitoring service. They are a company from which i have used a LOT of information in the past and so I can absolutely, 100% promise that they do a good job and deliver as requested.

Their initial product is a free portfolio service. There is nothing to download here. Once signed up, you can input details of your stocks and shares and they will be automatically updated as the markets move. This means that you can access details of your portfolio from anywhere in the world with a web connection. Again, it has the perfect price ... Free!