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Who Runs The NYSE?

Is the NYSE helped?

In August 2005, a report by Sprott Asset Management of Toronto suggested that the NYSE is helped out by the US government. The so called 'Plunge Protection Team' is alleged to intervene and purchase large quantities of stock to 'prop up' the market.

The aim of the team is to ensure that potentially destabilising declines in overall stock market value are avoided.

Should such a team exist, this would mean that the US stock market is not a free floating, market driven exchange but something entirely different. The Sprott report listed a number of quotes by Federal Reserve employees that suggest that the US government has either stepped in to help the market or has been ready to do so in response to larger events.

A New York Post reporter, John Crudele, has written a number of articles which have followed the progress of these actions and he has (almost alone) questioned whether such a team exists.

Such actions, if they do exist, can never be fully admitted to. This would likely cause a crisis in confidence in the NYSE, something none of us really wants to see. Should it be the case though, it would need to be on a very big scale. The amount of buying needed to stabilise a market the size of NYSE would be immense and as such, very few companies of institutions would actually be capable of doing it.

It is believed that an Exchange Stabilisation Fund exists and is controlled by the Treasury Secretary.

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