Unlike most books about business, finance or investment that are written by industry professionals, this is written by a former journalist for the Telegraph in London. In other words, it is much more readable than most other business books. It is a personal account of a British

Defining this as an investment book is not easy despite the large number of references to venture capital. Equally, this is not really a business book, though it is about starting a business. By the same measure, it is not a self-help book, but has personal development ideas.

In a previous life Barton Biggs was the Head Global Strategist for Morgan Stanley. As such, he wrote articles about the course of markets and economies on a regular basis. Such was his fame, prestige and influence that he was quoted every month without fail by major newspapers and financial

For those that want to understand the stock market crash of 1929 that lead to the depression of the 1930s in the United States, there is one book that stands out above all others. The Great Crash 1929 by J.K.Galbraith is the book. In fact, I would suggest that it

I found one of these videos on YouTube individually. However, closer inspection lead me to find a whole series. If you would like to learn an overview of the world financial problems, this is a great place to start. They are not very long, but will offer

Who Runs Britain? by Robert Peston is an excellent book! As a long-time reader of financial news, publications and papers, I was still able to learn a lot! That is rare… Peston’s basic premise is that the way that we have allowed the UK to operate has

Robert Reich was heavily involved with the Clinton administration and is now working as a part of the Obama team. An economist by training, we can presume that he knows something about the workings of the USA. With this in mind, Supercapitalism is a look at the

There is a niche in the world of investment which is growing at an incredible pace and also has great potential for good and good returns. What can do good and produce good returns? Thats right! Ethical investment, otherwise known as Socially Responsible

From time to time, you may see or hear the name Joseph Stiglitz in the news. He has won a Nobel Prize for Economics and was the former Chief Economist of the World Bank. So we can presume that he knows at least a little about markets and

You may have noticed that I try and bring investment risk up as a topic quite frequently. There is some logic behind this. Whilst I realise that telling investors that they are taking ‘high risks’ is not a profitable way to deal with clients, it

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