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Since September 2003 I have written a free monthly email newsletter to clients, contacts and subscribers. To the best of my knowledge, I now have readers in over 25 countries from at least 15 different nationalities.

The theme is usually investment related, so it is hopefully for you, but I do cover general financial issues from time to time as well.

Depending upon the events at the time, I may be writing about politics, national economies, currencies and more. The common theme is that I look to find profitable ways to invest in the current climate.

And My Free 70 Page Financial Planning eBook Called

'10 Steps To A New Financial Future'

As an extra inducement for potential subscribers, I have written a 70 page ebook (in pdf format) which can be downloaded. It is free to new subscribers and is called, '10 Steps To A New Financial Future'.

The eBook explains many of the basics of financial planning for individuals and families including budgeting, pensions, debts, investments and more.

Here are some comments from other readers and clients:

'I have just started your book, and yes I like it and will finish it soon. I know what I have to do and you made it very plain and simple; see where you are, so, you can see where you are going! I like that. So I will be reading and calculating for the next few days. Thank you for your time and insights.' Roger W. (Subscriber, USA)

'Stuart = Tina Turner in that he is "simply the best!" Intelligent, informed, affable, considers the best for you at the time, not pushy.' Jonathan D. (Client, France)

'First of all good luck with the new website. It sounds an excellent and interesting idea. I enjoy your newsletter and you have a definite gift of being able to sum up complex subjects in a way that laypeople like myself can understand. Also the topics are short and sweet, which is good when you haven't got the time (or the eyes) to wade through reams and reams of material!' Bill H. (Subscriber, Belgium)

'What ordinary people (spenders, savers, investors) need is disinterested (i.e. unbeholden to any vested interest) expert advice couched in commonsense terms which the layman can easily understand. Unfortunately in today's world, and not only in the field of finance, this sort of advice is increasingly hard to obtain. Stuart, in my view, epitomizes the kind of information that we so desperately need and as well as exuding competence, he is also very approachable, very affable and the sort of man you would be delighted to have a drink in the pub with. All in all, a very unusual but hugely welcome combination of talents. I am not one to trust any kind of professional - having seen so many exposed as charlatans and incompetents - particularly in the field of finance - but I trust Stuart instinctively.' Graham C. (Client, Luxembourg)

'Thank you for your excellent editorials ... I look forward to reading more from you. It is really not all that difficult, if you have the motivation, to manage your own finances. The problem with people today is they don't seem to take money very seriously. I don't get it. I think during my past life I went through the Great Depression.' Leslie P. (Subscriber, USA)

'First of all, I can't believe I enjoyed an article with that title as much as I did. I have been investing for years, and now manage money, yet, I still gleaned perspective from your work.' Lawrence B. (Subscriber, USA)

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