Warren Buffett Explains His Thoughts About Investing In Equity vs Gold

There are a great many people that like to invest in gold and other precious metal or commodity assets. In today's video, Warren Buffett explains what he thinks about equity vs gold and why rational investors ought to make the same choices that he makes.

As you have just seen, Buffett's choice is very logical when explained like that.

Your author can remember many years ago being told that the secret to becoming wealthy was the "ownership of productive assets". While that may not sound like very much of a secret, it had worked very well for the man that explained it to me! It is clear that Buffett thinks the same.

After all, the cube of gold that he discusses would need to be stored somewhere, with impressive security and many armed guards. This would cost money every day just to own it. In other words, the owner needs a cash flow just to continue holding it. In contrast, a productive asset like a corporation ought to be generating a profit and hopefully paying a dividend - paying the owner for owning it.

Quite a difference...