The “Madoff” Effect

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As if life as a financial planner wasn’t hard enough - and trust me, unless you have a scad of multi-millionaires as clients, life if hard enough - it seems that the efforts of Bernie Madoff have made things even tougher.
This article on CNN explains how clients are now demanding ever more accountability and separation [...]

Just How Dangerous Is High-Frequency Trading?

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In a story on the BBC today, Lord Myners, Minister in the Treasury (UK), warns that HFT (otherwise known as high-frequency trading) could put large corporations at the mercy of automated speculators.
He is probably right.
Much of the blame for the stock market drop in 1987 lies at the door of automated trading programs. At the [...]

How Correlated Are Stock Markets?

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A recent trip on the Eurostar had me in possession of a copy of The Spectator. It isn’t a magazing that I tend to read more than once per year - it is a little too Central London centric for my tastes…
In it, was an article by Matthew Lynn titled, “We’re all Shanghai gamblers now”. [...]

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Beware Of The “Boiler Room”

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Of all the things an investor should be worried about, financial crime should be high on the list. To quote an old financial saying, “The return of your money is more important than the return on your money.”
Something that puts this return at real risk is falling victim to a boiler room operation. In this [...]

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How Do I Start Investing?

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This week a friend asked me an unusual question: “How do I start investing?”
To be clear, this is an unusual question for him and not for me. I have been asked that a lot, but never by this friend. And even more surprisingly, the market isn’t exactly ‘white hot’ right now. Most of the general [...]

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“The Era Of Banking Secrecy Is Over”

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The Era Of Banking Secrecy Is Over. Those words were a part of the G20 communique from London this week. Those words are actually pretty scary.
While it is very reasonable to say that offshore jurisdictions have played their part in the financial crisis - by enabling traders, companies and funds to move money away from [...]

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Why Did Lloyds TSB Buy HBOS?

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The rather unusual news from the UK is that the British government has grabbed control of Lloyds TSB PLC as a part of guaranteeing loans worth £260 billion.
According to a statement from Lloyds TSB, “About 83% of the insured assets were acquired when the bank bought HBOS.” The details, as reported by Bloomberg, can be [...]

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A Video About The Stock Market Crash

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I found this on YouTube and thought I’d share it. It relates to the stock market crash and is super interesting - footage that takes us back in time. There are some parallels here for sure!

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