Can The Ghost Of Robert Maxwell End The Euro’s Problems?

It seems as though the true costs of the financial crisis are to be much worse than originally expected. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am a red-blooded capitalist. I always have been and always will be. I believe completely in free markets (business and financial). But even by my standards, things are going too far […]

Do Markets Negate Democracy?

At the end of last week and for part of the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Biennale Firenze in Florence, Italy. The event was being hosted by EESC, the European Economic and Social Committee. With a title of “Education To Combat Social Exclusion”, it is not a natural event for a blog […]

Too Big To Fail Is A Thing Of The Past!

Your author was able to attend the 8th Annual European Financial Services Conference in Brussels earlier this week. There were certainly some interesting panelists and contributors, including European Commissioner Michel Barnier. There were many different perspectives discussed, but as you may imagine, financial services regulations were high on the list. In the main, these regulations […]

Ann Mettler: Has the time finally come for Fiscal Sustainability?

The following opinion piece from Ann Mettler, Executive Director of the Brussels based think tank The Lisbon Council is kindly being republished from her blog. I have had the pleasure of meeting Ann on a number of occassions and I can attest to her knowledge and commitment to seeing Europe become the economy that many […]

Do We Need More Financial And Stock Market Regulations?

Over the last few days, the regulation of various types of financial operator and market have come in for attention. Everyone seems to agree, we need more financial regulations. When I say everyone, I mean everyone in politics… It is clear that when billions - many hundreds of them - have been used to ‘bail […]

Is Latvia Heading For Shock Therapy?

Today’s European Voice (11/06/09) had a story suggesting that Latvia is in for shock therapy. This did not seem to be as seriously regarded in the paper as might be justified. In 2007, Canadian journalist Naomi Klein published “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism”. In this extraordinary book, Klein argues that the influence […]

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