Too Big To Fail Is A Thing Of The Past!

Your author was able to attend the 8th Annual European Financial Services Conference in Brussels earlier this week. There were certainly some interesting panelists and contributors, including European Commissioner Michel Barnier. There were many different perspectives discussed, but as you may imagine, financial services regulations were high on the list. In the main, these regulations […]

Ann Mettler: Has the time finally come for Fiscal Sustainability?

The following opinion piece from Ann Mettler, Executive Director of the Brussels based think tank The Lisbon Council is kindly being republished from her blog. I have had the pleasure of meeting Ann on a number of occassions and I can attest to her knowledge and commitment to seeing Europe become the economy that many […]

Breaking News: Confidence In Wall Street ‘On The Line’

This story from CNN shows just what denail the United States is in when it comes to Wall Street, financial services, money and reputation. According to the story, it seems that confidence in Wall Street is ‘on the line’. Which line would that be? Perhaps it is the final line that an economy will not […]

Where Will The Next Global Financial Centre Be?

An odd question, I know. Isn’t the global financial centre New York? Why ask if it is changing? My thoughts are becoming more and more based on the economic realities of life. The regions with the strongest economies have strong financial centres. People go to these places to access capital to help their company grow. […]

Will The Euro Last?

Posted by admin on April 12, 2022 in eu economy | Short Link
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I would like to draw your attention to this post at Financial Sense. I think the post itself is pretty self-explanatory. The reason for posting is simply that I have been a questioner of the Euro for many years. Politically, it was a masterstroke. Pure genius. But economically, it has always seemed like a flawed […]

When Will The Next UK Recession Arrive?

That is a leading question, I know. But with the announcement of a general election being called by Gordon Brown for 6th May, the prospect of real financial change is looming. Both major parties seem to have been pre-campaigning on spending cuts, fiscal restraint and responsibility. But only one of the parties is in power […]

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