Fighting for my life....

by Niko

In short, I have spent 20 of my 37 years in prison.Clearly not an easy thing to tell anyone...yet here I am.

Three years ago I connected with an all around amazing woman,we for the first time both believe in marriage and are engaged to do so. Because of similar past hardships she was able to help open my eyes to the path I needed to find to save my health and my soul and thus get a life back.I just recently got jammed yet again for several more years but, instead of looking at it negatively we go forward with an extremely positive attitude.

Of late, my changing interests have led me to your web site as a wonderful source for the furthering of an education in business, money and the market. All the pages she has copied and sent me so far have been a further inspiration to my future goals for myself and my life with a true partner. I think it fair assumption to say any other info and or books I could receive could only contribute to making my life and future a much better place.

All the information I have thus far consumed from the 'Elliot Wave' site and contributors has been very motivating,and extremely insightful.I'm loving it. I also really enjoy your writing in the newsletters I have received from you Stuart. I like your energy, and I am happy to send my thanks your way. I really look forward to learning more it's pretty exciting, I have yet to get the last pages of the mentioned e book {she ran out of paper} I did enjoy 'The guide to understanding deflation' by R.Prechter, it blew me away actually, well looks like I'm out of space.

Thanks again. Keep up the great work.

Editor's Comment: Wow! Thank you Niko. It really is kind of you to tell me that I and this site are in some small way contributing to inspiring you. That is an honour.

I will contact you separately by email so that we can discuss how I can send you a copy of the Elliott Wave Principle.

Best wishes for the future,

Stuart and the StockExchangeSecrets team.

April 2009

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