Charlie Munger Explains Some Of His Thoughts About Investing

The slightly lesser known investment genius partner of Warren Buffett is Charlie Munger. Munger is a lawyer by training and is widely regarded as having one of the best decision making minds in the world.

Years ago, Buffett described him as being the 'Abominable No Man' because he would say 'No' to most of his good ideas...

While it is typically Buffett that attracts the press and attention, his partner is certainly an incredible investor and business owner with a track record that few people in history could begin to match. In other words, he is worth listening to!

In this interview with the BBC, he disusses a number of topics related to fundamental investment and business skills, their company, Berkshire Hathaway and more. I particularly like his description of changing stock market prices and why an investor should not follow them so closely.